Pre - orders

What does pre-order mean?

A pre-order is an order that is placed in advance and concerns the olive oil that has not yet been produced or is in the production stage. Its delivery can be arranged in one or more transfers, depending on your needs.

Why place my order early?

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural product produced on an annual basis and in quantities that may vary, depending on the natural conditions of each production year. Our products run out of stock quickly. Pre-orders ensure you a steady supply of olive oil and scheduled delivery at the time and place of your choice, without having to worry about the product running out of stock. Take advantage of the offers that come with pre-orders as well.

When should I pre-order?

You can pre-order at any time.

How do I pre-order?

Fill in the adjacent form or send us an email - subject “Pre-order” at [email protected]


Once we receive your pre-order, we will respond with an offer that meets your needs, including options for product shipment. You can customize product deliveries to the times and places of your choosing.

How do pre-orders help Olive Oil Politeia?

Through pre-orders, you help our staff plan the works in our packaging unit in the best possible way and respond to your needs in time.

If I have a special request, can I include it in my pre-order?

Of course. Our goal is to understand your needs in order to meet them and offer you the best possible experience.

I have further questions

Do not hesitate to send us any questions. We will be happy to discuss a personalized and mutually beneficial collaboration!

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