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Agricultural Cooperative of Zakros


After whole generations experiencing wars and revolutions, people wanted to create again. They wanted to gather their strength, rebuild their land, carry on with the olive -cultivating tradition and bring the value of their products to every corner of the country, as well as to the rest of the world. Thus, the idea was born, to form a Cooperative for the olive oil producers of Zakros, a land full of olive groves. A true Olive Oil Politeia.

We provide nourishment to people connected to the earth, joy and their best selves. We produce extra virgin olive oil Sitia Lasithiou Kritis P.D.O., bearing the taste and aromatic signature of Zakros. The Historic Good of our land!

Our whole history is built around evolution. Equipment and production processes modernization, strengthening of the local economy and community, exchange of views, cooperation and solidarity, have inspired our business activity. Because evolution is an everyday inspiration added to the....

Rosary of Time


Zakros Coop Beginning Olive Oil Politeia

Agricultural/Credit Cooperative of Zakros is founded. It operates as an olive mill and grants loans to its members, in order for them to meet their cultivation needs.


Olive Mill Yard Zakros Coop Olive Oil Politeia

The first cooperative olive mill with two presses is built.


Zakros Coop Timeline Equipment Olive Oil Politeia

Modernization of the production line with two centrifugal units.


Zakros Coop Timeline Equipment old Olive Oil Politeia

Expansion with two new ALFA LAVAL units, construction of 500-ton tanks, joint sale of the producers’ olive oil.


Zakros Coop Old Equipment Oliveoil Politeia

Modernization with equity, replacement of decanders with two PIERALISI units, which would operate until 2003.


Tanks zakrospoliteia

Construction of new stainless-steel tanks of 230-ton capacity.


Zakros Coop Olive Mill Expansion Olive Oil Politeia

Tanks of 360 – ton capacity are added.


Zakros Coop Inside Olive Mill Olive Oil Politeia

New oil mill building, additional 400 – ton tanks, and modern small standardization unit. New centrifugal units. Successful common milling and marketing of olive oil.


Zakros Coop New Equipment Oil Olive Politeia

Implementation of a sustainable agricultural production model of quality, supported by science. Continuous training and equipment modernization.

2019 - σήμερα

Previous Label Zakros Coop

The Cooperative has 500 active members-producers, employs permanent and seasonal staff and is governed by a five-member elected Board of Directors.

The people

Today, 500 producers benefit from the modernized production and standardization facilities of their Cooperative. Dedicated to rational agriculture, they sustainably produce one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. This is their story.

Zakros Producers Giorgos Sfendourakis protrait Zakros Producers John Vdokakis portrait Zakros Producers Giorgos Chamilakis Portrait W Ted Galanopoulos Portrait W
Zakros Producers Giorgos Sfendourakis protrait
Georgios Sfendourakis


Giorgos believes in the power of teamwork, understanding and reciprocity. For him, olive growing is a way of life and he is determined to keep improving.

Zakros Producers John Vdokakis portrait
Giannis Vdokakis


Giannis believes in the fruits of hard work, feels alive through creation and draws strength from the history of his land.

Zakros Producers Giorgos Chamilakis Portrait W
Georgios Chamilakis


Giorgos has learned to invest in knowledge and listen to the land. Full of passion, he has devoted himself to it, and nature, has offered him an original lifestyle in return.

Ted Galanopoulos Portrait W
Theodoros Galanopoulos


The producer’s positive energy and care pass to the final quality of the product. For him, breakthrough and balance come from love.

Zakros Producers Nikos Daskalakis portrait2 Zakros Producers Kostis Kekeridis Portrait Zakros Producers John Violidakis portrait Platanakis persons
Zakros Producers Nikos Daskalakis portrait2
Nikos Daskalakis


He counts friends from all over the world, yet he has found his own paradise in his land. As he says, success lies in flexibility. In quality lies the truth.

Zakros Producers Kostis Kekeridis Portrait
Kostis Kekeridis


He fights for the protection of the environment and offers his best to the land. He believes in cooperation and respect. He has been growing olive trees for 25 years.

Zakros Producers John Violidakis portrait
Giannis Violidakis


Giannis has been growing olive trees for half his lifetime. Nature has taught him to respect its laws. His vision is to make the precious olive oil of Zakros available to every household!

Platanakis persons
Georgios Platanakis


Ever since he was a child, the olive tree has taught him calmness and companionship. His experience with nature has offered him positive thinking. He communicates with his olive trees. He knows what they need and when they need it.

Daskalaki persons
Daskalaki persons
Maria Daskalaki


Maria is a young producer full of ideas and willpower. By growing olives, she seeks to continue her family tradition, which has given her happy childhood memories.



of the Koroneiki variety in the area of Zakros



Along with their families, they grow quality food for everyone.



Of continuous olive cultivation from the time of the Minoans.


The olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil meets all the quality specifications of the beloved P.D.O. Sitia, bearing the unique signature of the aromas of Zakros.


The cultivation

Nature is our partner and quality our utmost priority, from the beginning of production to its end. We are constantly investing in training and process improvement, so that the best natural olive juice reaches your table, in the best possible way.


All that is happening in Olive Oil Politeia

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Gold entrepreneurial Award for EVOO Management to Zakros

Association of Olive-Growing Municipalities of Crete awards the Golden Mino

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Zakros ADELΦΟS, Sitia Lasithiou Kritis P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicate, medium fruity, flexible in cooking, rich in unsaturated fats. It’s more than a friend ... it's family!

Zakros filia
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ADELΦΟS is the winner of Chefs’ Choice Awards 2022!

Winner in the category of extra virgin olive oil preferred by Chefs.

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Vitamin E, a friend of cells

Antioxidant action in favor of youth.

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