Maria Daskalaki

Zakros Producers Maria Daskalaki W

Olive oil lives in our childhood memories. With kindness and generosity, the world will get better. Producer of the Agricultural Cooperative of Zakros.

Maria is a young producer full of ideas and willpower. By cultivating olive trees, she not only seeks to enhance her income, but also to continue her family tradition, by producing a good that is essential to the nutrition of herself and the people she loves.

Her feelings for the production of olive oil reach back to childhood memories. Ever since she can remember, olive oil has played an important role in the local economy, as well as in everyone's diet. The special taste of the extra virgin olive oil of Zakros and the long history of the land in the production of olive oil, dating back to the Minoan civilization, 4.000 years ago, make this local product special. A Historic Good.

Maria deeply loves Zakros and is inevitably worried about the future. She would like more young people to stay in the village and enjoy this place. The conditions for this are favorable, as the producers enjoy good relations, exchange views and work to enhance their teamwork spirit. She says that, with unity and common goals, an open mind and knowledge, any collaboration can succeed. “Harvests see good and bad years. Let us accept it all and support the common effort. Together for better and worse. With a little patience, things will get better”, she adds.

Στη φύση, βρίσκει ηρεμία, ανανέωση και ψυχική υγεία.In nature she finds calmness, rejuvenation and peace of mind.