Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fruity of medium intensity, delicate, high in unsaturated fats, it is a constant selection of chefs and cooking enthusiasts. With a harmonious, pleasant taste, it is suitable for seasoning, finishing, sautéing, BBQ, frying, baking and desserts every day. More than a friend its... family!

Packaging for the family. Suitable for professional use.
Ideal packaging for easy, everyday use in the kitchen.
Elegant and convenient cylindrical packaging, fits in the palm, suitable for control in serving.
Glass bottle for those who wish to add more olive oil to their lives and adorn their tables. Convenient and beautiful even as a gift.
A taste of ADELΦΟS, to get to know the product or offer it to your loved ones.
A small glass bottle for your purse or backpack. Add some olive oil to your salads, pasta, sandwiches and soups. Everything becomes tastier wherever you are.
Sitia Lasithiou Kritis PDO
100% Koroneiki
Acidity: <0,6%, cold extraction, high in unsaturated fats
Medium fruity, delicate aroma distinctive of Zakros
φιλίαν ἀγάπα

ADELΦΟS in cooking

Tasty and healthy dishes

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Our Politeia

Harvesting in Olive Oil Politeia is a celebration, it's joy! Tree and man work together to produce precious olive oil, a juice of evergreen youth. The Historic Good of our land.

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