Georgios Platanakis

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He communicates with his olive trees, he knows what they need and when they need it. Producer of the Agricultural Cooperative of Zakros.

Ever since mr. Giorgos, was a kid in Primary school, he would follow his father Constantinos around, in all agricultural works. This way, he associated the olive tree with love, inspiration, calmness, creation and coexistence. He worked as a Merchant Navy radio operator and is now retired, in his 70's, growing olive trees out of love. He wishes that all olive oil consuming friends would feel the same way that I feel when I put it on my table”. Like most Greeks, he uses olive oil in every aspect of life, as an element of an entire culture. From nutrition and health care, to religious ceremonies.

He communicates with his olive trees. As when caring for any living creature, he knows when to do each thing. This dialogue, the cooperation with the trees, in combination with the microclimate of the area, the soil and water from the inexhaustible source of Zakros, are some of the reasons that, for him, make Sitia Lasithiou Kritis P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil - produced in Zakros - unique.

Speaking about the connection he feels with Zakros, he remembers: “In Primary School, in sixth grade, I was at bad terms with the Teacher, because I was messing with him, plus I was a bad student. One day he made us write an essay on the subject “I AM PROUD TO BE GREEK”. So I wrote: “I am proud to be Greek, even more so because I am from Crete and on top of that from Zakros” and handed my essay over. The next day, the Teacher came to give us our scores, smiling. I almost sank into the desk to avoid his rod. He approached me and said to me in a joyful tone... “well done little Giorgos, I gave you a 10”. That says it all. I am proud of my origins...”.