Olive oil squalene

Olive oil Squalene

Super-cosmetic for the skin, an ally of the immune system.

Squalene is an organic chemical compound, specifically a hydrocarbon, found in nature, e.g. in shark liver, olive oil, amaranth oil and other vegetable oils. Plant, animal and human organisms naturally produce squalene, as an intermediate substance used in the synthesis of steroids and sterols. Much of the squalene in the human body is contained in sebum.

Squalene protects the skin surface and responds against exogenous physical or chemical agents that can cause stress, such as bacteria. It preserves the lipid barrier and hydration of the skin, while protecting it from free radicals through its antioxidant action. It has healing and soothing properties; the natural production of squalene by our body decreases with age though. Squalene is considered to have a further positive effect on human health, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Although more study is required, scientific research has shown its potential protective effect against cancer, atherosclerotic lesions and skin damage.