Olive Oil Polyphenols

Oleocanthal Zakros Olive Oil Politeia

Let's get to know each of these amazing compounds - gifts of nature.

What are polyphenols?

Phenolic compounds, also known as polyphenolic compounds, are a large group of organic compounds found in plants, as products of their secondary metabolism. They have many beneficial effects on human health, culminating in their antioxidant properties. They are divided into at least 15 categories. One of the most important categories is the one of flavonoids, which are widespread in nature. Polyphenols can be found in cereal, legumes (especially dark varieties, such as red and black beans), fruit, such as apples and citrus fruits, especially in their skin, nuts, as well as in wine, tea, beer and cocoa. Polyphenols are the reason for certain taste and aromatic (organoleptic) characteristics of plant foods and beverages, such as their tart and bitter taste.

Fact: Polyphenols protect the body from free radicals, oxidation products that destroy cells and cause cancer and aging.